Cape Cod family beach portrait sessions fill the calendar as families start to finalize their Cape Cod vacation. Don't delay in discussing your photography needs with Dianne.

Use this form to inquire availability.


During the Fall, there are limited session dates available. Please email the studio with your requests. Minimum purchase of $1199 includes the session and all the digital images created during an hour.

Last updated: 10/15/19

Would you consider a sunrise session?

Yes, the majority of the family will clench their fists and scream "no way will you get me on the beach at sunrise". Sure it's early, but it's the perfect time of day for families with babies & young children. And we'll be done by 7 am, so you can go for breakfast and then to the beach

Beach session scheduled at 6 am

"Dianne kindly agreed to take some lifestyle photos of my jewelry and some behind the scenes pictures for my website.  I was truly amazed at how beautiful the photographs came out!  Dianne is calm, easy going and makes the photo session fun.  She was able to capture the essence of my jewelry with the beautiful beach background.  She makes you feel relaxed and is able to capture that perfect shot!  My photo shoot ended up being scheduled at 6 AM after weather cancellations.  The light was gorgeous and it was really nice having the beach to ourselves.  I will recommend Dianne to everyone and look forward to another photo session in the future!!"                  Deb Foley

How about a garden session?

The studio gardens are spectacular with color May - November!

Sessions are scheduled at 9 AM or 5-6 PM during the summer.

Studio Garden during May when the Rhododendrons are in bloom.

Studio Garden Spring, 9 am

Studio Garden late afternoon on Mother’s Day weekend.

Studio Garden late afternoon on Mother’s Day weekend.

Studio Garden July, 5 pm

Studio garden late May with Spring flowering bushes.

Studio garden late May with Spring flowering bushes.

Fabulous Photography Experience, Erin McDonald

My sister and I worked with Dianne to take pictures of my 5 month old nephew and we had a great experience! It's not easy to photograph a baby but Dianne did a fantastic job. She gave my sister lots of helpful feedback and recommendations. She was patient and really worked with my sister and nephew to get the best pictures possible. We had a great experience and definitely recommend others to use Marshall Photography.