Baby Announcement Photo Session

Do you have an announcement to make?

Schedule a mini session to share the news with all the world! Perfect for baby, engagement, or milestone. Inquire as soon as you know, yet before the secret is out. The images captured will give everyone a reason to send congratulations.

This is scheduled at the garden studio, then view the images immediately following the session. Images ready within a few hours and will be yours to share.

Mention you read this blog post and get the session and 5 digital images for $149 (regularly $249).

Where Should Your Portrait Hang?

You've had the portrait taken. Now it's time to decide where to display it in your home. The biggest question is always what size should it be enlarged too? Too small and it won't have an impact, too large and it overpowers the room. 

Consider where you will stand in relation to viewing your portrait. Hung in a hallway the image doesn't need to be as large because it will be viewed at a close distance. If it will hang over the fireplace, then the size may have to be much larger to fill the space appropriately.

I've an easy solution to this pondering. Send me a picture of the area you'd like to display the wall portrait and I'll provide the proper size for that space.



Where will you hang it?

Choose a location that doesn't get full sun.

Your portrait arrives with a special sealant to protect it from harmful UV rays.



A 20x16 is centered with 10x8's on the sides.

These canvas prints don't need frames.

Choose the Best Value Package to incorporate the wall portrait into your investment. This is really the minimum size that works in most homes. If the placement requires a larger wall portrait, then the credit will be applied to the next size up.


20 x 16

This is the right size that this image should be displayed in this space.

It is also at a good height to allow a chair, side table and lamp to be placed below it.


Too Small

24x16 is lost on a high ceiling wide wall.

Consider the height of the ceilings, how far away you'll be standing and the size of the furnishings within the space.

Also, from this far across the room, the faces in the portrait can not be enjoyed.


Just Right

40x30 fits well!

The faces can be seen clearly from across the room.

When you take the photo of the wall make sure to tape a sheet of paper where you expect to hang the portrait. With an 11" piece of paper the program can show the acurate size for the wall portrait.



Here a black mat is used to increase the overall print size. The portrait is 24x16, but the mat & frame creates a 32x24 wall portrait.

Family as is, just add sand.

Sometimes giving the family a little break to keep it fun can also make it the best candid moment of the  portrait session. 

The mom mentioned we'd probably have to keep the session short. The sun sets a bit late in June for most young children. An hour later we were still enjoying the beautiful evening, romping on the beach, and capturing their true love of their son to preserve this memory of vacationing on Cape Cod.


Black and white printing is always an option. Your images will be shown in the gallery in both color and black and white. 

Take Off Pounds Sensibly

SRD 2018 Runner up
Dianne Marshall, MA 224, East Falmouth

My mother mentioned her weight loss group many times over the span of a few years. It wasn’t for me. I knew what I needed to do, and besides, I wasn’t really looking in the mirror. Hair brushed, makeup on, I never saw the bulk below the neck. Then her life changed when her husband passed away in 2008. She asked me again to join her and I agreed to go to the next meeting.

On my first night at TOPS, I immediately saw how many supportive friends she had to lean on. Everyone was so friendly I wanted to go back the next week. The meetings were informative and fun, and some weeks I actually lost weight.

It was easy to lose in the beginning and then the first of many dreaded plateaus hit. As the years flew by it was evident that a plateau is a part of the weight loss cycle. I got a dog so I would go for a walk rain or shine. It worked, another 10 lb. slipped away. Then I started tracking my calories on an app on the computer and then a smart phone. I have weighed and measured my food everyday since 2010.

And I became a goal setter. Setting a goal is like looking out at the horizon, you see something in the distance, but it’s a long way off. Some days a bit hazy, sometimes crisp & clear. Setting smaller goals means you don’t see the horizon for weeks or years, for the path is not a straight nor a direct line to the main goal, but they are the important goals that must be followed daily.

A mini goal to weigh-in each week was made easier by holding positions in my Chapter. Things I learned at meetings, like shopping the perimeter of the grocery store, which we are told is the healthiest path, actually works. Saying no to processed foods and reducing sugar has changed my life.

Eight years, 11 months, 2 week’s worth of meetings and mini goals got me to the KOPS horizon. It took time to achieve, but I did it! 

If you need help to lose weight, you should check out for the tools to help you succeed.